The ACACIAN: Fall 2016 Newsletter

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Landscape Improvement Project Comes to Life

One thing is certain, when the Acacia Mom's Club comes together and decides to help the Men of Acacia with a project - it happens! At least that is the case with the Landscape Improvement Project. 

The project started at the Mom's Club meeting last April when Br. A.J. Wertzberger '15 outlined the top needs associated with the house and grounds. 

This project takes care of many issues: 1) multiple erosion problems; 2) weedy, unattractive slopes along Lee Street; 3) dead and overgrown plant materials; and 4) drainage issues near the driveway.

The landscape improvements design was guided by the following principles: 1) Use existing landscape elements as much as possible; 2) Low maintenance with plantings and hardscapes; 3) Maintain open, durable lawn area in front for activities; 4) Mitigate the current drainage problems and water run-off issues; 5) Stabilize sloping, erosion-prone areas; 6) Neighborhood compatible design and 6) Enhance the image and excellent brand!

The total cost of the project is $35,000. Fundraising has just started this fall – but the remaining balance to be raised is now down to $21,000 - largely thanks to a lead in-kind gift of retaining wall limestone from Br. Brent Beyer '80, president of U.S. Stone Industries. Brent has graciously agreed to furnish all the limestone required to build the retaining wall along Lee Street. More info at:  

Please consider a gift towards making the Acacia landscape improvements become a reality! The goal is to raise the balance of the funds by October so that the landscape work can be completed by the end of this year. No gift is too small or too large! Please send donation to: ACACIA Landscape Project; 2005 Hunting Avenue; Manhattan, KS 66502; ATTN: Lucas Shivers.

2016 Top International Chapter

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STAG Weekend Recap!

Congrats to Br. Brent Bayer, Conner Beese, Matthew Keener, and Noah Trapp for winning the Sam Unger Golf Classic
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